Puna Pono Alliance Community geothermal meeting 9/1/12

Puna Pono Alliance meeting 6/15/12 part 1/10

Pele Defense Fund Presentation 

Powerpoint presentation  (2012) on the history of geothermal development in Hawai`i. Viewing requires free powerpoint viewer (click here for download site.)  

Videos (on You Tube) of the presentation at Uncle Roberts on May 8, 2012 (part 3 through part 7):

Part 3         Part 4          Part 5          Part 6         Part 7

Pele's Appeal (30 minutes)

Award winning video (awarded Best Political Film of the 1990 Hawai'i International Film Festival by the Political Film Society) shown with the presentation, produced and directed by Na Maka o ka `Aina for the Pele Defense Fund in 1989 as an appeal for help to stop geothermal drilling in the Wao Kele o Puna rain forest.